I live in the country in central Ohio which to my mind is a well kept secret.  It's quiet and unassuming and slightly off the beaten path.   It's an unlikely choice for a city girl from Chicago, but it provides a peaceful place to create. 

I have long been fascinated with color and texture. I am a weaver, but I am also intrigued with punchneedle embroidery.   Both of these fiber techniques allow me to explore this, but in very different ways.

The process of weaving involves the design of the project, the properties of the yarns, the effect and combination of colors, and when all is added to the weave structure, it creates an aesthetic statement.  Weaving provides the opportunity to create texture that is not only visual, but tactile.  The process is very structured and pre-planned.  

My attraction to punchneedle embroidery allows me the opportunity to work from a different perspective. Away from the rigid constraints of the loom, I can explore creativity in a more immediate way.  The result has been a series of framed miniature landscapes.

Living in the country encouraged me, for a time, to raise sheep and goats.  Alas, I am not a shepherd, so that time is over.  But my joy from that experience is my friend, Rudy, pictured here in his farmer hat.